Loving Waters

Loving Waters is a growing community of Water Stewards coming together in remembrance of our primary relationship Water as Life ~ Life is Water ​Remembering Water comes first, we love, honor and celebrate

The Sacred Essential Source of All Life

~ Our Living Water and beloved Gaia Earth ~

Loving Waters encourages simple acts of gratitude, both as individuals and in our communities, with the intention of expanding our awareness, remembering we are responsible for cherishing and nurturing Our Essential Source Water.

​The Water First Stewardship Community engages Watershed educational campaigns, practices, media, and shared sacred heart ceremonies to open significant pathways of healing and reconciliation within Our Beloved Source Water thru All Life.

In sending this LOVE to the life-nourishing intelligence of Our One Water, we commit all our actions to Our Children.

Loving Waters has aligned with The Waterbearers, to provide effective Water filters to families in Guinée, West Africa struggling to survive without access to safe Water. 

Our campaign collaborates with the La Fondation Aicha and Fondation Guinée Solidarity Plus, in Guinée towards creating the first Watershed Wisdom Centers.

These community kiosks will in time form cultural hubs nurturing the ealth and wholeness of women and children, with benefits rippling out to improve the wellbeing of their kin and community.

Pure Water for Guinée


email: Connect@LovingWaters.Life

Tel: 530-290-1924


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