Date of Birth: August 3, 1954 in Chiquinquira, Boyacá, Colombia, Muisca territory.

Ancestral wisdom keeper, pedagogue and spiritual guide.

  • At age 18 he introduced himself to the Eastern philosophies the practice of Yoga and Astrology.
  • In 1981 he was introduced to the study of indigenous wisdom, leading him to be with the Lakotas, Arhuacos, Huitotos and Koguis.
  • In the same year he entered the National University of Colombia, a semester in Psychology and graduated in Anthropology.
  • In 1992 he participated in a ritual walk in Mexico organized by the Lakotas with the purpose of calling for the revival of indigenous wisdoms on the 500th anniversary of colonial conquest.
  • In 1995 he was invited to Guatemala at the Premiere Encounter of Indigenous Knowers, visiting 13 sacred Mayan sites.
  • In 1996, he participated in the construction of Maloka del Jardin Botanico with the Huitotos and the development of an ecological intercultural educational proposal.
  • In 2001, he participated in a meeting of self education from the self taught called “Word of Life for the Renaissance of Humanity” in Colombia, sharing with the Huitotos and starting his nine-year process  with the Kogis.
  • In 2001, he published a document of educational strategies from the Amazon and Sierra Nevada people.

When he met Mamo Luca, a Kogui Wisdom Keeper from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. In Raquira, Boyaca, (Muisca village), he began the research and practice of the Spiral Matrix, a methodology for the development of the self, and then the Double Spiral Matrix as pedagogy for the integration and synthesis of the Occidental world with the Ancestral.

He has worked in both worlds, studying the experience of communicating to the western world the technologies of being and the approach to the native world. He has developed the epistemology of the ancestral native world. He received training as a new hummingbird spiritual guide, growing between urban and rural. This gives him the ability to generate sources of communication between the two cultures.

In the western world phenomenological shamanism and ritual ceremonies are widely known, but the deep technologies from the indigenous world that highlights a technology of being are unknown. These technologies seeks to transmit to the western world the synthesis of the ancestral world in the Spiral Matrix. The indigenous world does this by constructing an elemental model that allows us to see the basic human dimensions necessary to find our full realization. This is manifested with the possibility of harmonizing with the Other in communion, and also the capacity to merge centers with all others, while in the natural order.

Life is a relational fabric, all the time we move in relationships and not paying attention to them leads us to states of lack and illness. The proposal contains the ancestral model in a practical way that any human being can understand and apply. Our challenge is to overcome the current view of indigenous peoples, which sometimes reduces it to extra sensorial phenomena, and bring it to a basic and fundamental order that will improve the human condition.

Beyond an Intercultural experience we invite you to have a Zewa-cultural experience. A dialogue, between the original knowledge and the modern world, where the ancestral wisdom resurges with purposeful strength in the new cultural vanguard. The cultural agreement (Zewa-culturality) is not a theory. It is an experience, an action of exploring, investigating, living, and uniting words to co-create a new word.

We are weaving worlds into a new world. 

Luis Antonio Daza Cardenas

“By unfolding a space in which to rethink our very thoughts, we can look inward to enable the communication with the other. We are calling to know ourselves by looking through the other as a point of reference. In this way we can experience that the principle of identity is defined and founded on relationships.” 

Muisca elder Hate Kulchavita


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