«all fires are connected, attentive, weaving … on the feet of children, young people, mothers, elders; that is where the prophecy manifests, when we sit down with grandmothers and grandfathers or with the children, there, the prophecy is alive… The web is deeper than we imagine, beyond the personal, beyond the ideals. It is the deep and respectful recognition of the distinction, In the certainty that in each one of us, there is a part of the mystery that lives. We are one word, one heart, although apparently it seems that it is not. This is called the «imperceptible becoming», it seems one thing but it is another … and it has to look like this, because that is the way to take care of the seed, what we are taking care of … there is no distinction, difference, there is unity … what happens is that we need many ways, because in one alone you can’t fit everyone … » dwe wiby pale luz # ProfeciaAroirisdelAcompañar

If you are part of the extended family throughout the world, in alliance for life, these memories are for you:

We are being invited to walk the natural path with increased attention, we are in a vital moment to untangle the threads and weave our worlds with even more color and strength. 

The  year 2020 comes with a powerful force, that inspires us to enter with consciousness to the cosmic order and planetary alignment. How can we learn from what has already been walked?  How can we keep moving forward in the complexity of the simple? 

from the deep relational, to the practical: How can we solve our conflicts to move forward?

We are being summoned to strengthen ourselves as a live and virtual network to the powerful circumstances. The solar eclipse of 2020, and all the astrological upcomming alingments are an impulse for our awakening.

From the Andes mountain range, ancestral technologies, as well as modern technologies, are our tools to be able to contain what lies ahead. 

How important it is to take the time, to see that what we have sown together and has borne fruit …

We share here, what we consider from our humble sight, the harvesting of a few years. We want to bring context about the great network of which YOU / WE are a part of.

We dedicate this album to the PEOPLE PEOPLE

We invite you to continue sowing seeds of Union, in America and for the world.

Please help us and support this movement, BY SHARING VISION 2020 PHOTO ALBUM (CLICK HERE)  with your friends and family. We thank you for taking the time to go through each photo and to meet hundreds of people behind the process of regeneration and protection of the territories. The pictures in this album shows the process and the exponential growth of these last 7 years, (since 2012). Its fruits (results) have matured and its roots (foundations) and branches (nets) have been strengthened and expanded.

Let’s feel gratitude for all the expanded family that is dedicated to remembering how to care for and guard what has been given to us for the next generations to come.

#weARTogether #oneheart #unityischange #gaiaunion#wearegaia #weareunion #weavingworlds #consciouslyunited #unify

Now is the time to tune the threads, and to recognize us once more on the loom.

From 02-02-2020 to 22-02-2022
there is an energy framework to carry out the restructuration of the planetary network, it is a complete reactivation of the task that began on 12-21-2012

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