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«Management is a social process that carries with it the responsibility of efficiently planning and regulating operations of a project, to achieve a given purpose. It is the science of directing and inspiring others to move forward, based on a deep listening of human nature. It is a technique that allows us to determine, classify and achieve goals and objectives. » THE ART OF MANAGEMENT 

Our agents can offer you :

Management Services

Strategic Planning

Design, planning, execution, and verification of the tasks to be developed with the direction of the project’s board of directors.

Coordinate and establish goals, objectives and strategies with the project’s board of directors.

Monitoring and organization of the agenda / calendar / timeline to achieve the goals.

Assist in the continuous improvement of the project.


Writing and assisting the development of the business plan.
Giving structure to the project design.

Organization of the files and documents in Google Drive, with their respective maps and access routes, in addition to the socialization of file management with team members.

Keep track of the hours of work of each team member, and make sure every person is on the same page and clear about their tasks and responsibilities


Social Permaculture

Helping to find the core values of the organization

Assisting the decision-making process, and the resolution of conflicts, mediation.

Help to build responsibility, trust and accountability.

Help to understand the different qualities of leadership among the team members

Help to establish agreements between the team members


Writing emails, letters, messages, status reports and mailchips necessary for the holistic management of the project.

Plan, organize, facilitate meetings among team members and among members and allies (customers and suppliers).

Assisting the marketing research process, connecting with potential investors, clients, or strategic allies.

Representation of the project before the allies, attending the requirements that arise, answering emails and requests.

Copywriting and Content Writer

Writing text for the purpose of advertising.

Written content that aims to increase brand awareness.

Enhance the content that already exists.

Create clear, compelling content to educate and engage the community.

Create new content for website, blog posts, product descriptions, email blasts, banner advertising, newsletters, social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, and other marketing communication vehicles.

Writing and editing, copy, and finding images to accompany the content.


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